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To our cattery enjoy new siberian female - Inka Cezaria*PL. Invite gallery of our new siberian female.

Our adventure with cats started in year 2004. We heard that fur of Siberian cats does not cause allergies. To check this out we went to a breeder of siberian cats Zwyciezca*PL. One of the kittens at once fell into our hearts. It was a creamy cat named Apollo. After about an hour we left the breeder. The allergies unfortunately came. The man of family, I Mariusz felt it the most. After a family debate, we decided to buy Apollo anyway. Apollo came to live with us. Beginigs were hard, because we had to take extra care to make the allergy the smalest. After some time my allergies were gone. Unfortunately our cat Apollo got lost. The serach did not give any resolts. We have hope, that he found another caring and loving family to live with. We miss him very much. The whole family decided to buy another Siberian kitten. This time our decision landed on Cezar, but... so in our house came to live two kittens: Cezar Zwyciezca*PL and Borys Zwyciezca*PL. These little kittens grew up to be very baeutiful cats, so we went with them to an exhibition. The cats made a big success, and so we began to like going on exhibitions in the country and also on foreigh ones to. All the grades of our cats, you can find in Exhibition. For the time being as the only Siberian cats breeded in Poland they have the World Champion tittles. In the year 2007 to our breedding came two new Siberian kittens - catteses: Unica Samhain*Pl and Freya Perla Polnocy (Northern Pearl).They are just beginig there exhibition career. All aditional information about our cats you can find inside. We invite you to read about them.